“I don’t want to believe. I want to know.”
― Carl Sagan

Who We Are

We are passionate educators. We dont believe real education always means a formal school or a college degree. We believe that real education should ignite and quench your curiosity. We are passionate about helping  students to get connected with the right tutors in their journey of real education.


Why we started this?

Many students say that they don’t like “A Particular Subject” And We will always ask them back hey wait! do you mean you don’t understand the subject or you really don’t like it and Most of them still say well “I just don’t like it” It is clear cut case where “teacher” we repeat “teacher” has not done the job well. The teacher has done the great job if  Student says something like “I very much  like this subject  but its just that I don’t understand it completely” Here the teacher deserve the appreciation.We are passionate to connect students with tutors who can keep the liking of the subject intact.