Online Test For Maths

The Maths quiz has always been a crucial tool for evaluating the exceptional abilities of your mind. This Maths quiz not only offers in-depth information, but it also satisfies your genuine craving for mathematical knowledge. You can assess your mathematical knowledge from the comfort of your home with the Class 12 Maths Online Quiz, meticulously crafted by the team at Fundoo Tutor. Children and students can share this exceptional Maths quiz with their friends via the Fundoo Tutor website.

Online Test For Biology

The academic team at Fundoo Tutor has created two sections for the Class 12 Biology online test. This page focuses specifically on the Online Quiz for Class 12. Biology is a subject that stays with us for a considerable amount of time, and it is crucial for students to take the biology online test to clarify their concepts.

Online Test For Chemistry

Chemistry is a vital subject in the academic curriculum. A thorough understanding of the Chemistry quiz can lead to success in any examination. Students who take the time to study the Chemistry quiz are setting a solid foundation for their future studies.

The Chemistry quiz comes with answers and comprehensive explanations, created by our highly knowledgeable faculty. The Chemistry test is instrumental in achieving the highest marks. Top performers in every class always turn to the Chemistry questions provided by Fundoo Tutor’s faculty. To attain top marks, students must diligently follow all the questions presented in the Chemistry quiz offered by Fundoo Tutor.

  • Chapter-1 The Solid State  Practice Set 1 | Practice Set 2 
  • Chapter-2 Solutions  Practice Set 1 | Practice Set 2
  • Chapter 3 Electrochemistry  Practice Set 1 | Practice Set 2
  • Chapter-4 Chemical Kinetics  Practice Set 1 | Practice Set 2
  • Chapter-5 Surface Chemistry  Practice Set 1 | Practice Set 2
  • chapter-6 General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements Practice Set 1 | Practice Set 2
  • Chapter 7- The p-Block Elements Practice Set 1 | Practice Set 2
  • chapter-8 The d & f Block Elements  Practice Set 1 | Practice Set 2
  • Chapter-9 Coordination Compounds  Practice Set 1 | Practice Set 2
  • Chapter-10 Haloalkanes and Haloarenes Practice Set 1 | Practice Set 2
  • Chapter-11 Alcohols, Phenols, and Ethers Practice Set 1 | Practice Set 2
  • Chapter-12 Aldehydes, Ketones, and Carboxylic Acids  Practice Set 1 | Practice Set 2
  • Chapter-13 Amines  Practice Set 1 | Practice Set 2
  • Chapter-14 Biomolecules Practice Set 1 | Practice Set 2
  • Chapter-15 Polymers Practice Set 1 | Practice Set 2
  • Chapter-16 Chemistry in Everyday Life Practice Set 1 | Practice Set 2

Online Test For Physics

Physics is a crucial subject that requires mastery to establish a solid understanding. The Class 12 Physics Online Quiz provided by the Fundoo Tutor team is invaluable in fortifying your Physics concepts. This Physics quiz has been created by top-notch faculty with extensive experience in the field.

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