Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most.

How can I contact to the customer care?

 you can call Fundoo Tutor’s customer care number 07889217144. Or email us

Who should I contact to my batch timing or teacher?

For changing batch timing or teacher you need to contact your dedicated academic mentor.

How to get the recording of the past session?

you need to contact your dedicated academic mentor.

Do I need to pay for Demo Class?

No. Its totally free without any obligation to join. If you say you dont like the demo and dont want to try other tutor, it will be perfectly fine with us and we will not at all follow you. No further calls or follow ups etc! In short we will not bother you 🙂

I dont like a particular Subject. What should I do?

Many students Approach us and say that they don’t like “A Particular Subject” And we will always ask them back hey wait! do you mean you don’t understand the subject or you really don’t like it And Most of them still say well they just don’t like it. Guys it is clear cut case where “teacher” we repeat “teacher” has not done the job well. The teacher has done the great job if Student says I very much like this subject but its just that I don’t understand it completely. Here the teacher deserve the appreciation.Our team at Fundoo tutor is passionate to connect students with tutors who can keep the likings of the subject intact.

What is Demo session and what happens in it?

Process we follow at Fundoo tutor a) First of all a demo session of about 45 minutes to 60 minutes b) Student can check teaching style of tutor c) Tutor can understand the current understanding of student with regard to subject. d) We suggest that one of the parents should also be there in demo session so as to help student in making decision

What is the process after I liked the tutor in demo session?

Now if you want to go for month on Month course then Monthly fees need to deposit in advance. If your course is not month on month and like Python basic course of 22 classes then you need to deposit half of the fees in advance.

What if I dont want to continue with that tutor after one month?

You can ask Fundoo tutor team to arrange demo with other tutor and finalise other tutor.

Can I shift from One on One tutoring to Group classes and Vice versa?

Yes you can depending upon availability. Fees will be different for Batch and for One on One tutoring

I joined Batch but I want extra classes one on one to cover up more topics. is it possible?

Yes its possible depending upon availability of that tutor. For extra classes charges will be on One on One basis and group charges will not be applied here.

Can I pay one time 6 months fees and get discount?

Yes. You will get 3% discount in that case

What is class expiry policy?

We highly value the time of our tutors, and it is an integral part of our teaching process. To ensure that it is not wasted due to last-minute cancellations and attendance loss, we kindly request that any schedule changes be communicated to the coordinator at least 8 hours prior to the session start.

Tutors allocate specific time slots every week to serve our students. It is crucial for students to attend their classes promptly to cover their curriculum and maximize the effective use of the tutor’s reserved time for you.

We kindly request to parents to be mindful of the following policy, which will be strictly enforced immediately. Tutors are also urged to adhere to these policies:

1. Classes will be counted (Chargeable) if :
a)Students inform the coordinator to cancel the class within 8 hours before the scheduled session.
b)If the teacher is present in the class, but the student is not in the class (No show)

2. Only 2 sessions are allowed to be carried forward to the next month. The remaining sessions, as agreed upon during enrollment, will automatically expire if not utilized.

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