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International General Certificate of Secondary Education

Elevate your IGCSE journey with our personalized one-on-one tutoring, where expert guidance and tailored support propel students toward academic excellence in the challenging IGCSE curriculum. Unlock the full potential of IGCSE success with our dedicated one-on-one tutoring sessions, offering customized learning experiences that address the unique demands of the international curriculum

International Baccalaureate.

Navigate the complexities of the IB curriculum with ease through our one-on-one tutoring, offering personalized attention to help students overcome challenges and achieve outstanding results. Forge a path to IB excellence with our one-on-one tutoring services, fostering a supportive environment that encourages a deep understanding of subjects and prepares students for success in this prestigious program

Scholastic Assessment Test

Revolutionize your SAT learning experience with our exclusive one-on-one tutoring, tailoring lessons to individual needs and ensuring students not only meet but surpass the rigorous standards of college admissions. Empower your college aspirations with the precision of personalized SAT tutoring, sculpting a learning experience that not only tackles exam challenges but also builds the skills essential for success in higher education.

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FeatureFundooTutorLarge Offline InstitutionLarge Online Institution
Batch of 1 or 5 Students
Personalized Mentoring by Senior TeachersVery rareBy Junior Teachers
Real Personalized attention
Guided Practice
Very Good Teachers As per center location
Target is result for each studentFor Top 2-3 % studentsFew Results
Result guarantee
Doubt solving in classNot all doubtsRarely
Video and Audio on for students_
Entire class Live Online_

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